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The Summer Salon 2017


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The Summer Salon 2017

It's time for the Summer Salon, an evening joining together all disciplines of art - from different forms of music to design, humor, theater and visual art. We are building a community open to all the arts--high-brow, low-brow, popular, classic, traditional, experimental, and everything in between--and committed to audiences' exploration and exposure to different viewpoints and experiences.

The Salon will be held July 27 at a loft in DUMBO at 7:00pm. Exact address will be private messaged to those who responded "going" closer to the date of the event.

Meet the Artists:
*Sabrina Bianca Guillaume, Costume Designer 
*Olive B. Persimmon, Author, Speaker, and Communication Coach
*Elephant Run District featuring a selection from MARTIN DENTON, MARTIN DENTON with Chris Harcum (Author & Performer) & Aimee Todoroff (Director),